Friday, October 26, 2018

60x LED Cell Phone Clip On Microscope

This is a super cool gift for a kid or teacher, or anyone who likes to get into the tiny details of the world around them. This Cell Phone Clip On Microscope works with any type of phone, includes a bright LED light, and magnifies 60x! Not being able to zoom into the microscopic level of whatever you what to whenever you want to is so 21st century.

60x LED Cell Phone Clip On Microscope, Magnifier, Fits All Phones and Tablets, by Tonic Innovation

* UNIVERSAL FIT - Spring hinged clip allows you to easily attach to any phone or tablet
* GREAT FOR ENTHUSIAST - Whether stamp or coin collecting, close up, macro photography or just fooling around, the 60x magnification will get the job done
* SHINE A LIGHT ON IT - With LED lighting, the magnifier can work very well in any dark environment.
* STOW AND GO - Comes with a handy carrying case. Just slip it in your pocket or purse when not in use.

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